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Roxbury Community College History

The Idea

Letter from Massachusetts Governor Francis Sargent

Letter from Massachusetts Governor Francis Sargent to Kenneth Hubbard, chairman of the RCCB, September 19, 1969

On July 1, 1968 the Massachusetts Legislature approved the establishment of a community college in the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston.

The Roxbury Community College Board (RCCB) was founded in March 1969, quickly establishing itself as a strong-willed and community-driven organization. The RCCB worked with the Massachusetts Board of Regional Community Colleges (MBRCC) during the initial planning stages for a community college to serve the Roxbury neighborhood.

As with many planning groups, there was tension between RCCB and MBRCC regarding control and influence over the process. Members of the RCCB made their concerns known through various channels of discussion. On September 19, 1969, Governor Francis Sargent responded, acknowledging the frustrations of the RCCB.

"Community College to Open Doors in September" (1973)

"Community College to Open Doors in September," The Bay State Banner, 1973

The naming of the college was one example of the power struggle over the Roxbury school. On November 15, 1970 the MBRCC elected to name the school 'Franklin Park Community College', without consultation from the RCCB.

This action fueled the animosity between these two groups as members of the RCCB felt pushed out of the decision-making process.

On December 8, 1972, after the RCCB fought for recognition, the college was renamed Roxbury Community College.